Diesel & Heavy Equipment

PA CIP CODE: 47.0613





Mr. Allen Bartoli

Email Address: abartoli@wbactc.org




The Diesel and Heavy Equipment Mechanics course prepares students to repair and maintain diesel engines that power transportation equipment such as heavy trucks, buses, ships, boats and locomotives and construction equipment such as bulldozer's, earthmovers and cranes.
Students learn to maintain and repair diesel farm tractors and a variety of other diesel powered equipment such as generators and compressors. Instruction is provided in diagnosis of malfunctions, disassembly of engines and examination of parts, reconditioning and replacement of parts, repair and adjustment of fuel injection systems, oil and water pumps, generators, governors, auxiliary and accompanying power units, controls and transmissions. The uses of technical manuals the state inspection code, diagnostic equipment, and various power tools are included in the program.



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