Capstone Cooperative Education





COODINATOR: Mr. David Vnuk





The Capstone Cooperative Education Program has as its main objective that of providing the senior students with knowledge and skills which are necessary before entering the labor market on a full time basis. The career & technical training which the individual student receives is suited to his or her abilities, interests, and needs. The Capstone Cooperative Education Program at the Wilkes- Barre Area Career & Technical Center works with the guidance services and provides close planning and cooperation between three major groups: students and parents, the school, and business and industry.

Senior students who are selected for the Capstone Cooperative Education Program are recommended by their individual instructors after exhibiting initiative in their desire to become skilled tradespeople, technicians, or craftspeople. These students have also displayed good work habits as will as regular and dependable attendance in their chosen course of training at the Wilkes-Barre Area Career & Technical Center.

Students who are placed on the Capstone Co-Op Education Program attend their home school in the morning. In the afternoon, the student works with an employer who has agreed to provide training and work experience related to the student’s career & technical course at the Wilkes-Barre Area Career & Technical Center. Employers also pay the student at a wage rate no less than the Federal minimum standards. Evaluation of the pupil’s program and work habits are made continually and regular contact is maintained with each employer.


  • Students must be in grade twelve (12)
  • Student must not be absent more than 30 days of school for his/her entire 11th grade year.
    Exception to these requirements will be reviewed and considered by the school administration. If
    the above requirements are not met, then the student must wait for the next quarter of his/her senior year to enroll in the Capstone Program.
  • Should be recommended by the Program area teacher.
    Must maintain a satisfactory grade while enrolled in the program.



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